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Ensival Moret

Ensival Moret: “Innovations provider”

With a hundred-year experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial pumps, Ensival Moret is a world-famous supplier whose know-how is internationally recognised. Renowned for its reliable technical solutions and high quality products, Ensival Moret supplies a wide range of industrial pumps for meeting all industrial requirements, even the most specific ones with difficult pumping conditions.

Ensival Moret offers a complete range of centrifugal and mixed flow pumps for a capacity up to 30.000 m3/h with operating temperatures from -160°C to +900°C. This product range also includes a series of self-priming pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, high capacity submersible pumps and canned motor pumps. A wide choice of material is available.

Thanks to its remarkable technical skills and commercial reactivity, Ensival Moret is a highly adaptable supplier, close to its customers and able to adapt to all specific requirements. Its continuous innovation policy and the efficiency of its R&D Department enable Ensival Moret to provide its customers with ever more efficient solutions.

Ensival Moret is historically constituted by the merger of two family companies. Ensival was founded in 1905, and Moret in 1868. These two companies have contributed to the European industrial development with state-of-the-art products. In 2007, Fapmo joined Ensival Moret bringing advanced expertise in the desalination and navy industry.

With a worldwide presence in the oil industry, in solar power plants, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the sugar industry, the fertilizers industry, the paper industry, the food industry, and in the metallurgic industry, Ensival Moret has long been recognized as a quality supplier providing high performance pumping solutions where special skills are required in difficult pumping situations.

In 2012 MPR Industries became a subsidiary of Ensival Moret, thus entering the Pumps Division of the Moret Industries Group. Within the Ensival Moret Division, MPR Industries is in charge of supplying air and gas handling solutions. With a volumetric technology using sliding vane or liquid ring, MPR Industries offers a complete range of compressors and vacuum pumps which can reach flows up to 22,000 m³/h (97,000 USgpm)

Ensival Moret has 7 manufacturing facilities (2 plants in France, 2 plants in Belgium, 1 plant in China, 1 plant in Brazil, 1 plant in India) and 15 service centres, a large number of commercial offices and a network of more than 80 agents for projects in the 5 continents.

Each of our manufacturing plants has a modern machine-tool stock for complete machining of parts of various materials and of various sizes allowing us a very precise finishing. Each manufacturing plants are also equipped with state of art and sophisticated hydraulic laboratories for both pump production testing and R&D developments.

To complete this full service range, Ensival Moret has its own foundry bringing flexibility, reactivity and quick prototyping project.


Ensival Moret is now Sulzer!

Sulzer completed the acquisition of Ensival Moret pump business.

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Sulzer Completes Acquisition of Ensival Moret

Sulzer announces that it has completed the acquisition of Ensival Moret (EM), a part of Moret Industries. Sulzer will immediately start to integrate EM in its Pumps Equipment division. Combining the complementary product portfolios enables Sulzer to become a full line supplier in most industrial process applications.

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