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AGV - Vertical axial flow pump

Vertical axial flow pump used for water applications requiring high flow and low head


The AGV pump is a highly efficient, vertical, axial flow pump mainly used for water applications requiring high flow and low head.

- Propeller type- axial flow pump
- Heavy duty construction
- Design offering high efficiency for high flow requirement
- Discharge Sizes : 300 mm up to 1400 mm
Larger diameter upon request
- Simple design offers ease of installation and minimum maintenance
- Construction with the discharge head under or above the base plate available
- Solid cast steel construction of the pump casing
- Optimized suction bell (Low NPSH)
- Flexible sealing system:

  • Shaft sealing by packing rings are standard.
  • Throttle bushing sealing system allowing reduced maintenance
  • Optional mechanical seal available

- Column bearings lubricated by the pumped liquid or with an automatic grease lubrication system for slighty dirty product
- Pump length according customer specifications
- Suction strainer is optional


- Flow: up to 30,000 m³/h (132,100 US gpm)
- Total head: up to 7 m (26ft)
- Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar (100 PSI)
- Operating temperature range: from- 40°C to 180°C (-202°F up to 356°F)
- Higher flows upon request

Standard Materials

- Cast iron, steel
- Austenitic stainless steel, duplex alloys
- Other materials available: titanium, nickel, monel...

Industrial Applications

- Irrigation
- Water supply
- Water drainage
- Water level regulation
- Sump drainage
- Flood protection

Additional Models