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CAHR(M)-CAHR(K) - Axial flow pump

Axial pump for high, low head applications suitable for corrosive, abrasive or solid contaminated liquids as well as for clear liquids


High flow, low head axial pump

- Flanges PN10 or ANSI150 # - Other flange standards upon request. Cladding of flanges with special alloy are optional.
- Discharge diameter from 200 mm to 1600 mm. (8 to 64 inches)
- Cast design or fabricated design
- Keyed impeller provides high efficiency over the entire performance range while maintaining low NPSHr.
- Available in top or end suction configurations.
- Replaceable casing wear ring.
- Optional shaft protected by a removable shaft sleeve
- Centre line mounted pump casing
- No bearing in the pumped liquid.
- Cartridge seal is standard. Packing gland, single or double mechanical seals are available.
- Heavy duty bearing frame to ensure optimal rigidity of the pump.
- Strong shaft reduces deflection and ensures long term reliability of shaft seal.
- High radial and axial load roller bearing.


- Flow : up to 30000 m³/h (132,100 US gpm)
- Total head : up to 8 m (26 ft).
- Maximum operating pressure : 10 bar (145 PSI)
- Operating temperature range : from - 40° C to 180° C (-202° F up to 356° F)
- Higher flows upon request

Standard Materials

- Cast iron, steel
- Austenitic stainless steel, duplex alloys
- Other materials available: titanium, nickel, monel...

Industrial Applications

- Chemical industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Sugar Industry
- De-Sulphurization

Additional Models

- CAHR-M : axial discharge
- CAHR-K : Axial suction
- CAHRMV / CAHRKV : vertical version