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MN - BB4 multistage ring section pump

BB4 Horizontal multistage ring section pump for clear chemical products, hydrocarbons, corrosive, flammable liquids and BFW


Horizontal Multistage ring section pump for high pressure applications

- Construction with ring section supported on the ground or centerline depending on pumping temperature
- Each stage contain 5 parts : closed impeller, diffuser, the interstage ring section and the wear rings
- First stage impeller can be specially designed to reduce the NPSH required
- Type of bearing depends on balancing system : dynamic or fixed balancing system
- Sealing system : cartridge mechanical seals following API682 standards
- Flanges according to customer’s specification
- The pump is tested at 1.5x maximal discharge pressure


- Capacity : up to 400 m³/h (1,761 US gpm)
- Total head : up to 1200 m (3,940 ft)
- Maximum operating pressure : 100 bar (1,450 PSI)
- Temperature operating range : up to 200° C (392° F)
- Higher design pressure upon request

Standard Materials

- Materials : I1, S1, S5, S6, C6, A8, D1, D2
- Other materials available upon request

Industrial Applications

- BFW pump
- Hydrocarbon applications
- Petrochemicals
- Oil and gas

Additional Models