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VEC-VNC - API 610 / VS6 vertical can pump

API 610 / VS6 Single or multistage vertical can pump for liquids with high vapour pressure / Low NPSHa. (Liquified gas, condensate extraction,...)


Single or multistage vertical can pump with submerged casing

- VEC : Vertical can turbine pump with mixed flow impeller
- VNC : Vertical can pump with radial impeller

- No radial force on column sleeve bearings due to the concentric discharge
- No axial thrust due to the wear ring at the back of the impellers and balancing holes in impeller hub
- Grease lubricated thrust ball bearings (oil lubricated upon request)
- Shaft sealing : conventional packing rings or mechanical seal (single, double or tandem)
- Sleeve bearings are lubricated normally by pumped liquid but if there are solids in the liquid it’s possible to lubricate them by grease or with clean liquid injection on the sleeve bearings
- Inducer may be fitted to reduce the required NPSH value of the pump
- Removable shaft sleeve under sleeve bearing and packing rings
- Maximum length: 16 m
- Possibility to supply suction strainer and foundation rings


- Capacity : up to 300 m³/h (1320 US gpm)
- Total head: up to 280 m (918 ft)
- Maximum operating pressure : 25 bar (326 PSI)
- Operating temperature range : up to 120° C (up to 248° F)
- Higher capacities and heads upon request

Standard Materials

- Materials as per API standards : I1, S1, S5, S6, C6, A8, D1
- Other materials available

Industrial Applications

- Water feeding
- Fire fighting
- Potable water distribution
- Water treatment
- Seawater desalination
- Irrigation
- Condensate
- The barrel pumps VNC : where horizontal pump cannot be installed due to the low NPSH available

Additional Models

- VNC : can-mounted design
- VNY : Design for molten salts at high temperature
- VNYR : Design with steam heating