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VEYR-VNYR - design with steam heating

Single or multistage pump designed with steam heating for liquids requiring heating (e.g. molten sulfur)


Single or multistage pump with submerged casing and throttle bushing for molten salt, molten sulphur, hydrocarbon, smelted nitrate, ...

Specific features with steam heating
VEYR and VNYR pumps are specifically designed for liquids requiring heating (e.g. molten sulfur)
- Suitable for clear or slightly contaminated liquids
- Steam jacketed column allows to maintain the required temperature. Jacketed casing and suction pipe are optional.
- Designed to provide long service life with minimal maintenance costs

Standard features
- Single or multi-stage with closed impeller(s),stages bolted together for structure integrity
- Keyed impeller(s) for proper transmission of torque loadings
- Side discharge through sump head offering a compact and structural strong configuration
- Thrust bearing oil-lubricated, thrust loads fully isolated from the motor
- Column bearings lubricated by the pumped liquid or lubrication by external liquid (optional)
- Bearing material dependent on liquid pumped : PEEK,...
- Diffuser / turbine hydraulic designs eliminate radial loads on column bearings

Options :
- With Inducer to meet low NPSH requirements
- Bearing cooling with external heat exchanger
- Sole plate (optional)
- Line shaft with enclosing tube (optional)


- Capacity : up to 300 m³/h (1320 US gpm)
- Total head : up to 280 m (918 ft)
- Maximum operating pressure : 25 bar (326 PSI)
- Operating temperature range : up to 600° C (up to 1,112 ° F)
- Maximum length: 16 m
- Higher capacities and heads upon request

Standard Materials

- Materials as per API standards : I1, S1, S5, S6, C6, A8, D1, D2
- Other materials available upon request

Industrial Applications

- Sulphur application (molten sulphur)
- Solar plant application (molten salt)
- Refineries (hydrocarbons)

Additional Models

- Range of horizontal pumps for molten sulfur is available
- Range of cantilever pumps for molten sulfur is available