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EMTECH - ISO Chemical process pump

ISO Process Pump for clear, viscous, fibrous and sticky liquids


Centrifugal ISO Process Pump complying with ISO2858‐5199 standard

- Available with open impeller or closed type (Closed impeller provided with wear rings)
- Flanges PN16 - Option PN20 ANSI (150 lbs).
- Construction in accordance with ISO 5199 and dimensions in accordance with ISO 2858.
- BACK PULL-OUT design: dismantling without disturbing piping or motor.
- Suitable for severe continuous duties.
- Bearing type : three rolling-contact bearings lubricated by oil or by grease as required.
- Shaft fully protected from pumped liquid by shaft sleeve and O-ring.
- Shaft seal by standard single, double, tandem or cartridge mounted mechanical seal.
- Mechanical seal installation in open type stuffing box as standard.
- Pressure in stuffing box controlled by impeller back vanes.
- High efficiency.
- Low NPSHr.
- Maximum interchangeability of parts throughout the series.
- Most standard models available ex stock.
- Option: Heating or cooling jacket.
- Bearing frame sealed by deflector to prevent oil combination


- Flow : up to 350 m³/h (1,540 US gpm)
- Total head : up to 160 m (525 ft)
- Maximum operating pressure : 20 bar (290 PSI)
- Temperature operating range : up to 180° C (356° F)
- Maximum speed : 3,600 rpm at 60 Hz
- Higher flows and heads upon request

Standard Materials

- Duplex SS : A743 CD4Mcu
- Super Austenitic SS : A 743 CN7M
- Cast iron : A48 class 35B
- 30% chr. Cast iron A532 Class 3
- Other materials are available: titanium, Hastelloy, nickel…

Industrial Applications

For all industries:
- Chemical industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Steel industry
- Paper industry
- Food industry

Additional Models